Top Ten Characters I want to see in DuckTales 3: Revenge of the Forgotten

Touché, Mr. Francisco Angones and Mr. Matt Youngberg. I’m onto you. You guys think you can slip in a brain-melting teaser poster advertising the upcoming season of your show and think I wouldn’t notice? You think I don’t see the resemblances, much like anime fans notice the ones between Kimba the White Lion and The Lion King? You think I don’t see what you’re doing? Well, guess what! I’m onto you! You think you can just spy on my lists and just ever so slightly pick and choose which characters I recommend? Ha! I know you guys are watching! Show yourselves!


Fine. Be that way. But after my first list, and I suggested we see the three caballeros, Ludwig Von Drake, and Darkwing Duck, guess what?

In my second list, I requested Goofy, Bubba and Tootsie, Daisy, and the Rescue Rangers. And guess what?

So now I’m really gonna test things. I’m gonna really see just how far I can push things.

Well…yeah. I mean, I’m not going to throw a tantrum on a subreddit or anything. But if in season three we’re going to get Gosalyn, the Rescue Rangers, Genie, and even the frickin’ Wuzzles, why not really continue this thought experiment?

Now, I’ve heard a multitude of complaints from fans, those who want DuckTales to be, well, DuckTales, not The Disney Afternoon Crossover Series. But why? It’s still a series focused primarily on Scrooge, the nephews, Webby, and Launchpad. Even with the introduction of Darkwing Duck, the writers took great pains to not only craft an ingenious story, but also tie in how Launchpad came to be associated with the Masked Mallard, homage the past by bringing show creator Tad Stones and OG Darkwing voice Jim Cummings, and even introduce fan favorite villain NegaDuck, all while tying in Scrooge McDuck and Dewey to the main premise. Honestly, I think that episode, “The Duck Knight Returns”, is my most favorite DuckTales episode so far.

But before I start, I had to really revamp my list, and some of my previous entries fell by the wayside. I want to discuss those first.

Baloo and Shere Khan: I was so excited about the idea that DuckTales took place in the same universe as Cape Suzette, mostly because I was extremely interested in seeing how Baloo and Launchpad would fare against each other as pilots. And frankly, I still am. I included Shere Khan because as a wealthy businesstiger, he might run in the same circles as Scrooge, and further establish the world of the 1% we already know is inhabited by Flintheart Glomgold and newly-established Mark Beaks. However, Shere Khan’s cool, controlled demeanor wouldn’t provide much interesting story potential . Plus, not having the great Tony Jay voicing him would be almost heresy.

I’d have kept Baloo on here…but it looks like that ain’t happening. In the poster, it looks like Kit Cloudkicker and Molly Cunningham have both grown up, implying that Baloo is, at the very least, too old to pull off the great aeronautical maneuvers we love him for.

Pete: Pete will always be a perennial favorite, especially given his history with Donald Duck, but even I admitted in that list he was kind of redundant. As long as the Beagle Boys continue to hold the spot for a blowhard bully, it’s kind of overkill.

Howard the Duck: The idea that Howard could be a liaison to the Marvel universe is certainly an appealing notion, but Howard’s gimmick is limited to the fact that…well, he’s an anthropomorphic duck in a human universe. Maybe if he had a cameo, I suppose that’d work, but otherwise, it’s not enough.

Mickey Mouse: I had to let this one go, much to my chagrin. We’re already getting Goofy and Daisy, and at this point, the show doesn’t need an extra boost from the mouse.

Okay, now let’s things going.

10. Morgana Macawber

One of the things I truly admire about DuckTales is its ability to firmly have one foot in science fiction and one squarely in fantasy. This is a show that features the GizmoDuck suit, the B.U.D.D.Y. System, and time travel, while still using ancient Druid magic, the shadow dimension, and Magica DeSpell’s sorcery. And as long as they continue to write great stories, I’m fully on board.

Morgana Macawber was Darkwing Duck’s love interest, from a family of unseemly sorcerers. Initially evil, she fell in love with DW, and used her magic for good, even teaming up with him and GizmoDuck in the two-part episode “Just us Justice Ducks”. She’s sultry, mysterious, even a bit hot-tempered (Which made for great contrast with DW’s often impulsive and/or selfish ways). And while I think it’s a bit much to introduce her solely as a DW character, there are other ways.

Most notably, Magica. Perhaps Morgana was a fellow witch in Magica’s old coven, or possibly related to newcomer Violet Sabrewing, Webby’s newest friend (Come to think of it, the practical, logical girl who recently became obsessed with magic suddenly finding out her mom or aunt is a witch would be a great reaction to watch.). In either case, Morgana could fit in easily, and if her alliances with Magica come into question, there’s some potential for great drama to be had.

9. Mighty Ducks

So…remember in 1991, Disney made a live action movie starring Emilio Estevez about a group of pee-wee hockey players? And then it exploded into a trilogy and a legitimate NHL team based in Disneyland’s hometown of Anaheim? You do? Great! Because Mighty Ducks have nothing in common with that movie!

No, seriously. Mighty Ducks was the final Disney Afternoon series, airing for one season in 1996 and 1997 for only 26 episodes. It was about a group of humanoid ducks from an alien planet who found themselves on Earth to stop a reptilian overlord and in their spare time, play hockey.

Unlike Howard, they’re more than just an anthropomorphic duck gimmick, they’re aliens. They came from Puckworld (Yes, seriously) and they fight Lord Dragaunus with a variety of gadgets, including leader Wildwing’s high-tech goalie mask, and their stadium, dubbed “the pond”, turns into an aircraft hangar, because if Professor Xavier can do it, why can’t they? In any case, in the DuckTales universe, there are plenty of powerful bad guys, and GizmoDuck and Darkwing Duck can only do so much. Especially with an invasion from the moon on the horizon.

I already have a headcanon going where it’s Louie who uses his con artist abilities to sell the idea of establishing the Ducks as a legit Duckburg hockey team, telling sponsors he’s their agent. Why? So he can brag about how he coached a great team in Bombay, India so well, he was nicknamed “Coach Bombay”.

You either laughed, rolled your eyes, or groaned. Regardless, you had a reaction. You know you did.

8. Bonkers D. Bobcat

For a city with such scum and villainy out and about, there seems to be a minimal police presence around. But at least with this goofball on the force, you’d understand why Glomgold and the Beagle Boys are still on the streets.

Not that Bonkers is a bad cop per se…hang on, let me rephrase that: he’s not inept. He’s just a toon. He tends to work better when teamed up with Miranda, or better yet, Lucky, but as long as he has a straight man to play off of, he’ll be fine. In fact, he may be investigating a burglary at McDuck manor, and really any member of the household would make for a fun, madcap misadventure. Huey would be stressing out over lack of proper policing protocols, Dewey would be encouraging the more dangerous action stuff, Scrooge and Mrs. Bleakley would keep rolling their eyes, Launchpad would be totally stoked, and Webby would be hyper-analyzing a criminal profile to a creepily detailed degree. A combination of any of these characters tagging along with the former Hollywood star would make for some great comedy.

Should Jim Cummings return as the rapscallion? I’m on the fence about that. The voice is iconic, but considering Bonkers isn’t as well-loved as other Disney Afternoon shows (His show never had so much as a DVD release), there’s some flexibility. Not to mention the show hasn’t let me down yet in their voice casting, so I trust them. If it’s any indication, Cummings also voiced Don Karnage in TaleSpin, and the rebooted version is just as fun and entertaining.

7. Peter Pig

Who’ll help her plant her corn?

Who’ll help her plant her corn?

It’s Peter Pig, who’s strong and big,

He’ll help her plant her corn!

In 1934, Disney released the Silly Symphony The Wise Little Hen, an adaptation of the folk tale, Little Red Hen. Mrs. Hen asks help from Peter Pig to help plant and bake her crop of corn, but the lazy ne’er-do-well feigns a stomachache to avoid work. Peter and his buddy to escape the trappings of manual labor, sure, but Mrs. Hen is still nice enough to give him what a truly sick pig needs: castor oil! Peter would be relegated to just silent cameos ever since, unlike his co-star, one Donald Fauntleroy Duck.

One thing I loved about the three caballeros’ appearance in the episode “The Town Where Everyone was Nice!” was the idea that José and Panchito were Donald’s old college buddies, where they formed a garage band. Given just how far back Donald and Peter go, and how they were paired together only once, it makes sense to cast Peter as an extremely estranged friend whom Donald is less than enthused over, not unlike his relationship with Storkules.

But it gets better. Peter is lazy and has few scruples in getting out of work if he feels like it, and is more than happy to reap the rewards he didn’t earn. You can only imagine how an old, long, long, long lost friend of Donald’s would react if he found out Donald is related to the richest duck in the world. It probably would be the fastest he’d ever have moved in his life.

Or, let’s take this a step further. What if Della Duck once dated Peter? Hear me out: long before the boys, Della probably dated a loser or two in high school, and he probably is the kind of guy who doesn’t like taking no for an answer. He disappears for a while when Della got stuck on the moon, but now that she’s back, he’s going to try and win her affections again…but obviously she’s not interested. While Louie might relate to someone so lazy and opportunist, Peter’s thinly-veiled persistence just angers everyone. While I doubt Peter would go so far as becoming a villain, he would provide enough of a conflict to be serious concern, and better still, be a great story in teaching audiences about the red flags and dangers of toxic people, particularly the toxic masculinity aspect: a commentary that needs more discussion in media these days.

Yeah, I take my cartoons seriously. Your point?

6. April, May, and June

I’m not going to let this one go. It was on my last two lists, and it’s on this one, too. These three are quite overdue for an appearance.

I love how the women and girls in 2017 DuckTales have been handled. Della went from a non-existent character to a vibrant personality. Webby went from being a token focus group check mark in the “for the girls” box into a funny and quirky little girl. Mrs. Beakley went from being a fussy, old world old biddy into a cool, calculated, intense former secret agent. But these three have only really had one animated appearance in The Legend of the Three Caballeros, and in true vintage fashion, they all looked alike, acted alike, and were all voiced by the same actress, Jessica DiCocco.

I submit this suggestion once again: whatever they reincarnate the girls into, I still think Cathy Cavadini, E.G. Daly, and Tara Strong are the best choices to voice the girls. Nothing like the original Powerpuff Girls lineup to stir nostalgic feels and develop new personalities for a whole new generation.

5. Fluppy Dogs

Out of the 13 animated series that called the Disney Afternoon programming block their home, only six – six! – have not been honored in some way yet, and soon, even The Wuzzles will be part of DuckTales lore, a show that did not air on the block.

So let’s really step things up. I already talked extensively about the pilot episode of Disney’s Fluppy Dogs, so I won’t go too deep here. But by this point, nothing is surprising anymore. This will really prove the show creators’ nerdiness. Really, the only thing nerdier than that is if they somehow revitalized the original show idea Maximum Horsepower starring Horace Horsecollar…but at least Fluppy Dogs made it to air, so let’s not overdo it. Yet.

4. Bill Cipher

I originally put Agent P from Phineas and Ferb on the list, because I wrote a fan fiction story a few years ago (Don’t judge me) where GizmoDuck and Darkwing Duck team up with Agent P, American Dragon Jake Long, Goliath and Kim Possible. But I removed him because, like Howard the Duck, once you remove humans from the equation, it kind of fell apart. Sadly, it’s the same reason why I feel I can’t include Kim Possible. But I really started thinking, if I could include any character from a Disney animated series that’s too recent for the Disney Afternoon, who would I pick? The answer was bizarrely simple: the maniacal Bill Cipher.

Cipher, the primary antagonist Gravity Falls, is an extradimensional, Lovecraftian dream demon who can warp space and time to his will, and has aspirations merge the Nightmare Realm and the third dimension, and bring chaos and insanity in its wake. Scrooge would most certainly be tested to his limits in trying to figure out how to combat such a threat, even with GizmoDuck, Darkwing, Danger Woman (Molly from TaleSpin‘s alter ego, who is clearly coming soon), the Mighty Ducks, Morgana, or even Long and Possible were there to help. Would Magica and he be allies or foes? Who knows?

Alex Hirsch, creator of Gravity Falls, also voiced Cipher. If they got him to return to play the character, he might be able to assist in the story, ensuring the Cipher stays as uncomfortably weird and unsettling as the show could get, keeping the character’s integrity intact. Not to mention garnering all of the fans who love Gravity Falls one more time around.

Because of Cipher’s powers to malevolently warp reality, the opportunities to make for a weird, fun episode are limitless. Maybe they could open a portal to the human world, so this could mean any Disney series – Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, Kim Possible, Milo Murphy’s Law, Recess, Lilo and Stitch: the Series, The Proud Family, Pepper Ann, you name it. Who wouldn’t want an Avengers: Endgame-style team up involving four decades’ worth of television animation? It’d sure make for one glorious season – or series – finale. It wouldn’t be the first time he crossed over into other shows: eagle-eyed fans of Rick and Morty have pointed out the few easter eggs that hint at Gravity Fall‘s presence in the adult animated series.

Or even if they don’t go that far, Suppose Cipher throws their dimension out of whack, and their reality warps into the 1987 DuckTales (Complete with some original voice casting with Russi Taylor and Terrence McGovern?) or even in the style of the Carl Barks and Don Rosa comics? C’mon, you know that’d be awesome!

3. Arturo Tuskerninni

Let’s take it back a notch on number three. Now, here’s what we know about the villains of Darkwing Duck:

  • MegaVolt, Bushroot, Liquidator, Quackerjack, and Paddywack are all featured on the Darkwing Duck series show-within-a-show. The odds we’ll see any of them again as recurring antagonists is pretty slim.
  • NegaDuck was revealed to be a real-world nemesis at the finale of “The Duck Knight Returns” episode.
  • Taurus Bulba will appear in season 3.
  • While others are eager for Steelbeak, I’m more hopeful to see Tuskerninni, a walrus whose shtick is that of being a great film director. However, he uses his dramatic flair as a smokescreen for his crimes, usually robberies. While far from the most diabolical in DW’s rogue’s gallery, his gimmick provides fantastic potential, especially given the state of Hollywood in today’s day and age.
  • In some episodes, Tuskerninni wore Spielberg’s familiar Hawaiian shirts and thick beard, but nowadays, there are so many more famous directors and nuances to them he can parody or mock. He could rant about how social media ruins his plot twists, all the while posting selfies. He might preach about being “woke” in his films, but denounce political correctness ruining his scripts. He might even be a George Lucas or Kevin Fiege parody, drawing parallels to Disney’s other properties in a bout of self-referential jabs.
  • In “The Duck Knight Returns”, we see Scrooge owns a studio, and there is no better place for a filmmaker to dwell. Heck, he might even be a bitter has-been who holds an entire convention hostage, so Dewey, Launchpad, and of course Darkwing might find themselves called to save the day.
  • 2. Merlock

  • If you look closely at the teaser poster, you may notice Genie, from DuckTales, Treasure of the Lost Lamp. He’s finally returned! And in season two’s “Treasure of The Found Lamp!”, we are introduced to D’jinn, a much better version of the thinly-veiled racist caricature from the same movie. However, we still have yet to see the truly scene-stealing Merlock, the wicked sorcerer bent on finding the genie’s lamp.
  • We have so much potential for dark magic between Magica, Lena, and possibly Morgana and Cipher, but few left the impact that Merlock did, from his booming voice, provided by one Christopher Lloyd, to his animal-transformation power. Merlock is a force to be reckoned with, and because Genie and D’jinn are set to appear in season 3, it’s highly likely the mage will, too. I still hope Lloyd will provide the voice, but I’m down if they got someone like John DiMaggio.
  • But seriously, suppose Merlock is the kind of sorcerer that scares even Magica. That would be fascinating.
  • 1. Gargoyles

    I refuse to let this one go. This show was just way too good to be ignored. Even Jordan Peele, director of Get Out and Us, wants to make a rebooted movie about them. And they just keep on pretending this show doesn’t exist?! Come on!

    First of all, Gargoyles was dark and gothic. DuckTales 1987 was pretty light and fanciful, and had zero tone equivalency to Gargoyles, but the rebooted show absolutely has the capability to get uncomfortably dismal if it needs to. In the episode “The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck!” (God, I love these episode titles!), Lena struggled to fight Magica’s control over her, leading to some truly unsettling imagery, even going so far as to turn Webby into a doll and Lena accidentally destroys her!

    Another appealing aspect of having the gargoyles in the show is the fact the Manhattan clan is from Scotland, the home of one Scrooge McDuck. Of course, the clan no longer resides in Scotland, but the skyscrapers of New York City, as of 1994. But I’m willing to bet a story could be written how Scrooge learns of David Xanatos’ purchase of Castle Wyvern and claims either the castle or something inside it belongs to Clan McDuck, and he happens to be there when the gargoyles awaken. Naturally, Scrooge is so well-versed in matters involving mythical creatures, he recognizes them as the benevolent creatures they are and maybe offer them a home at McDuck Manor.

    Arguably the biggest roadblock is the human aspect. Much like the X-Men, Gargoyles was a series rife with social commentary about prejudice and xenophobia, and even though all the humans could be made into ducks, something profound is lost if the gargoyles were to address the relationship between “ducks and gargoyles”. Heck, I’m still not sure if turning Xanatos or Elisa into ducks is all that great an idea.

    Still, I could not be in any more support of Goliath and the gang become a part of the DuckTales universe. In terms of voice acting, Keith David cannot not return. Bill Fagerbakke, who voiced Broadway and is better known these days as Spongebob‘s Patrick Star, has already been in DuckTales 2017 as The Ghost of Christmas Present in “Last Christmas!”. But would Sally Richardson-Whitefield (Elisa Maza), Thom Adcox-Hernandez (Lexington), Jeff Bennett (Brooklyn and Owen), Ed Asner (Hudson), Jonathon Frakes (Xanatos), Marina Sirtis (Demona), or Brigitte Bako (Angela) return? Who knows? But again, I’ve truly appreciated the casting choices they’ve done so far, but Keith David is the lynchpin. It’s like, say, bringing back DuckTales but not…

    …yeah. That kind of thing.

    So that about does it. My picks to further expand the DuckTales universe, and help maintain the streak of awesome this show already has going for itself. What do you guys think? Should we see other Disney Afternoon crossovers? I mean, I doubt we’ll see Schnookums and Meat or Marsupilami or Timon and Pumbaa or-

    Frankly, I don’t know if I should have seen this one coming or not.

    Author: TAP-G

    Writer, former podcaster, entertainment enthusiast. Movies and media have the power to shape our world and vice versa. Let’s take a deeper look at them.

    One thought on “Top Ten Characters I want to see in DuckTales 3: Revenge of the Forgotten”

    1. Honestly, my biggest issue with Gargoyles isn’t that it’s comparatively darker than DuckTales, it’s that despite DuckTales having the occasional dark moment here and there, it’s still mostly a comedic-adventure show, whereas Gargoyles was pretty much the reverse; a show that had a few funny/light-hearted moments here and there, but was mostly dramatic and “serious”. The overall tone would just feel out of place in a show like the rebooted DuckTales.

      Also, Bill Cipher is the PERFECT crossover character, being an inter-dimensional being that primarily communicates through people’s minds/dreams. He could literally show up in any show/universe and there wouldn’t be much need to justify it. Even the fact that he “died” at the end of Gravity Falls doesn’t mean much, since he clearly cited some kind of chant/incantation as he was dying that could potentially revive him (if you play it in reverse, anyway). Besides, if Old Man McGucket and Stan could regain their memories after being blasted with that gun, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch for Bill to do the same thing.


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